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Worship service location

2-5-1 Mefu Takarazuka Hyogo Japan 665-0852 (Worship Location: Not mailing address: For mailing, Contact Pastor by E-mail: kenjihigashi@tfc-

Most of our Worship service we meet at 6th floor at Pipia-Mefu. But due to availability of the room, sometimes we meet at 4th floor. So please
go to 4th floor, if you can't find us. There is an elevator at first and second floor. Use the elevator and come to 6th floor, then you should find
us. Our worship starts from 10:30 am and end around noon every Sunday.

By train.
   Use Hankyu Railway, Takarazuka Line: Get off at Mefu-jinjya Station. Go south. The Pipia-Mefu building is just outside of the station.

By car: Parking is in the building.
  Parking Operation hours: 8:30〜23:00
  Cost: 150 yen every 30 min.


Takarazuka Fellowship Church.

Pastor: Kenji Higashi
Tel: 090-5466-5166

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