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Pastor: Kenji Higashi
When I was in a college, I wanted to know the truth about life and death. My
biggest question was about God. Does God really exist? Since I grew
up in Japan, I studied Buddhism and read many religiousbooks on Buddhism, but
until I read Bible I did not find the truth about God. The things I
found in the Bible about Him were absolutely amazing. The God who created
whole universe loves me and died for me. I became a Christian and
went to Dallas Theological Seminary. After I had lived in US for more than 38
years, God has sent me back to my hometown in Japan to share the
good news of the Gospel.

As a church is "WIFE" for Christ, our church main focus is "W.I.F.E, "which
stands for Worship service, Instruction(teaching and studying Bible),
Fellowship and Evangelism.

Come to our church and see the great things our mighty God has just begun to do
in Japan.

I have posted many Bible messages on Youtube in both Japanese and English, so
please check it out.

Youtube Bible Messages

Takarazuka Fellowship Church.

Pastor: Kenji Higashi
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